JRD Tata's Secretary for Over 15 Years Remembers the Businessman, Says Serving Him Was a 'Privilege'
JRD Tata (Photo Credits: Humans of Bombay)

Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy or popularly known as JRD Tata was one of the pioneers in Indian industry. He was not only the founder of Tata Airlines which was later renamed as Air India but also the first pilot in India. As July 29 marked the 119th birth anniversary of the great visionary, the woman was his secretary for over 15 years has a ton of heartfelt things to tell about him. Through a Facebook post by Humans of Bombay, she narrates anecdotes of how he inspired her while working with him for such a long period. JRD Tata was not just a businessman but a gem of a person.

Compassion, empathy and kindness were among things the man had for people. His calm persona would put people he met also at ease. The post reads, "I remember my first dictation from him -- my palms were sweaty because I was so nervous! He realised this immediately and spoke to me casually to calm me down -- that's how he was... always so caring."

She says he cared for everyone and was never too busy for his people. And he inspired her every day to be "honest, work hard, and help others". She says, "He was so soft and humble -- he was never ‘too busy’ for the people he cared about. It's been my life's biggest privilege to have served him for 15 years… J.R.D Tata Sir, you’re special beyond words."

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He joined Tata Group at the age of 22 and the chairman of Tata sons in 1938. He came to be known as the father of civil aviation in India. He received India's two highest civilian awards, the Padma Vibhushan and the Bharat Ratna for his contributions to Indian industry. He started with 14 companies and grew it to 95 companies when he left, of which includes Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tata Motors etc. JRD event today continues to be an inspiration to many.