Kerala Vlogger Tells Trolls to Not Fat Shame His Wife, Couple's Heartwarming Video on Social Issue Goes Viral
Travel blogger Sujith Bhakthan with wife Shweta (Photo Credits: Sujith Bhakthan Facebook)

Kerala travel vlogger Sujith Bhakthan is earning praises on social media for all the right reasons. In an informative and funny video that he shared on social media, Sujith slams those who fat-shamed his wife. He not only asked people to stop body shaming but also said that there is more to a person than their physical appearance. It was a Facebook live on Sujith's personal Facebook profile that was shared by the Facebook group Pathanamthitta Live which went viral.

In the video, the couple appears to be standing in the middle of a tea plantation addressing the problem of fat shaming all in a loving tone. Sujith goes on to say, "I like 'thadi' (fat), no? I like people who are fat." Pulling her closer he then says, "She has a pure heart and mind." The video has received over 880K views, 34,000 reactions and 13,000 shares at the time of publishing this article. Vidya Balan and Bhumi Pednekar's Strong Stance on Body-Shaming Is What We Exactly Need Right Now!

Watch the video here:

Addressing another socially preconceived notion, he says, "It is not just people who have less weight who are beautiful men or women. Everybody has their own uniqueness and beauty lies on the inside, it is not about being fat or thin." Girl Gets Body Shamed by Boyfriend, Twitterati Helps Her to Dump Him.

He also urges people to not posting nasty comments about his wife. A smiling Shweta then intervenes saying that she doesn't mind all of it and looks at the positive side only. Sujith then adds saying that people should not make such derogatory comments on social media. The vlogger generally talks about travel and food in his videos. Sujith and Shweta got married recently, we wish the couple all the best for their future!