Have you been sleeping comfortably or have you been having some weird dreams of late? Many people have experienced weird and scary dreams in the time of the pandemic. But some people are lucky enough to see dreams with Gods in them. If you have ever dreamt of Lord Krishna or form of Bal Gopal in your dreams, then it is very auspicious. With a festival of Lord Krishna, the Krisha Janmashtami just right around the corner, we tell you what it could mean if you see Lord Krishna in your dreams in this article. ‘Why Am I Having Weird Dreams Lately?’ Twitterati Share Their Bizarre #pandemicdreams; Experts Say You Are Not Alone, Explains Meaning.

Seeing any God be it, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva or any other deity is very auspicious. Such dreams are supposed to convey your good fortune or being a blessed person. There are different aspects to seeing Lord Krishna in dream, if you see just an idol, or are you doing any kind of worship or if you are in a temple etc. Vivid Dreams During Pandemic: What Are Vivid Dreams? Here’s Why You Are Experiencing Weird and Intense Pandemic Dreaming.

Dreaming specifically of Lord Krishna also has a meaning, it means you will be able to get rid of all your problems very soon. If you dream of doing some work of Lord Krishna like you're bathing the idol, feeding the idol or stitching new dresses for the deity, preparing dishes it conveys that Lord Krishna is happy with your actions and worship of him and all your wishes will soon be fulfilled. Seeing Bal Krishna in a dream is a good sign. It means there is prosperity in the house.  Seeing a statue of Lord Krishna also means he is pleased with your devotion. Seeing Lord Krishna playing the flute or just the flute of Krishna means you could soon meet your beloved partner very soon. Seeing Radha and Krishna together in the dream also signifies a blooming of love in your life. But if you come across a broken figure of Lord Krishna, it could mean a bad omen.

So there are different interpretations of the forms and context if you see Lord Krishna in dreams. But essentially watching Lord Krishna in sleep is an auspicious sign.

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