Malaysia's Ipoh City Hall Worker Shoots Stray Dog to Death, Horrific Video Goes Viral
Thailand man shoots stray dog (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A highly sickening video of a Malaysian city worker shooting a dog to death earlier this week has gone viral on social media. The clip shows the stray dog writhing in pain on the ground after the Ipoh City Council staff shot it with a gun. The footage shows the dog wailing with blood splattered around it. As the animal lies there almost motionless, he goes near it for a second time and shoots at it again. Healthy Dog Euthanised in Virginia So That The Pet Could Be Buried With Her Owner.

In the clip, the man can be seen accompanied by another council worker, both wearing the same uniform. The incident was recorded on camera by a resident who tried to stop the men from killing the dog. However, they paid no heed to her and went ahead with their heinous act. The woman can be heard shouting and screaming at them as they watch the dog die. However, her words fall on deaf ears as they stand with their backs to the woman not bothered a bit. Three-Legged Dog Rescues Newborn Baby Buried Alive by Teenage Mother in Thailand Village.

Due to graphic content, viewer discretion is advised. You can watch the video hereThe video went viral after a Facebook page Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better shared it. The Facebook post was shared widely on social media with internet users lashing out for such a horrific act. The post has received more than 97,000 views and over 3,700 shares. Missouri Man Bought Cats and Kittens Online to Kill, Mutilate and Dump Them; Arrested.

Animal rescuer Joanne Low was quoted as saying, "It is creating an impression that it's okay to torture dogs. That is probably why we have people poisoning and torturing dogs." Meanwhile, MBI issued a statement said that the Dog Control Enforcement unit was dispatched to Pengkalan Gate following a complaint on strays. According to their Facebook post, they received multiple complaints that the dog had attacked a goat and a senior army officer. However, the post was later deleted.