Man's Tinder Date Turns Him Down Because She Was Having a Baby; Twitterati Can’t Stop Laughing
Man messages pregnant woman on Tinder (Photo Credits: Unsplash, Pixabay)

When a Tinder date rejected Brad Galloway, he was extremely happy and of course, there is a valid reason. His potential date was having a baby! Brad took to Twitter to share a screenshot of his chat with the woman and social media users can't stop laughing. When Brad asked her for the reason, the woman replied with a message she never expected.

She replied to Brad's messaging inquiring about her New Year plans saying that she was in the hospital. Her text reads: 'Having my baby ah. Gutted I'm not out tonight. When he asked for the reason, the woman said that she was having a baby. Brad from Richmond in North Yorkshire was looking for a match on the dating app when he matched with this woman and messaged her. The tweet has gone massively viral with over 1.27 lakh likes. Singapore Man Met 5 Women Through Dating Apps Match & Tinder; Cheated Them Over $370,000.

Here is the tweet that has gone viral:

One Twitter user commented on it with the picture of a woman's painted baby bump captioned, 'Tinder Surprise,' while another wrote 'Stop it. I have no words.' Brad shared the tweet wit the caption: 'No fun this Tinder.' Most people couldn't believe that it was real, while some were left simply laughing.

Last month, a woman had solved a small crime scene due to Tinder. Emily Crohan matched with two men on Tinder and wherein on told her that he had just lost an entire crate of La Croix sparkling water. The other man told her that he got bottles of flavoured drinking water. Connecting the dots, she helped both of the men meet and solve the case.