Woman Helps Man She Met on Tinder Recover His Stolen Drink When She Matched With the 'Thief'
Tinder (Photo Credits: @holycacamole, @_DrewStevens Twitter)

A woman was looking for potential matches on Tinder when she came up with something that she least expected. Emily Crohan was scrolling through the dating app when she matched with Raymond who told her that he had just lost an entire crate of La Croix sparkling water. Following which she was going through the app again when she matched with Drew who was rather having a good day. He had just found a crate full of flavoured drinking water!

Emily connected the dots immediately and decided to make the thief and the victim meet. She helped both the guys meet and shared their conversations on Twitter. Drew on realising the La Croiz had a wilful owner and was happy to return the crate. Her tweet was quick to go viral and has over 4,53,000 likes at the time of publishing this article. Perks of Being a Millennial: Woman Forgets Passport at Hotel, Internet Collectively Helps Her Retrieve it

Check out her tweets below:

When they met

LaCroix Water was also beaming with happiness!

And Tinder retweeted her tweets saying, "This tweet gives us butterflies. Or is that just carbonation, @lacroixwater?"

Emily also shared pictures of the two guys together after they met. The guys even shared a drink! From Emily's tweets, it seems the three hung out together after the incident. And Twitter couldn't stop exclaiming things that social media can do. And the internet like always had a good laugh. Some also took the moment to point out while Emily found two matches, they couldn't even find one. Well, all the best the then!