Marine Drive Promenade Turns Into a Necklace of Trash As High Tide Dumps Heaps of Plastic Waste on Mumbai's Sea Shore (Watch Videos and Pics)
Garbage thrown out of sea on Marine drive (Photo Credits: Video grab)

After two days of moderate rains, heavy rainfall continued in the city of Mumbai since last night. Since the morning of August 3, a heavy downpour was seen all over the city and suburban areas of Thane and Navi Mumbai. As a 5 metre high tides hit the city's famous spots the Marine Drive promenade, a huge amount of litter and plastic waste washed out of the sea. The entire promenade was filled with plastic waste and non-biodegradable waste. Pictures and videos of the waste accumulated on the Marine Drive promenade were shared on Twitter. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) workers got to work to clean the garbage, but the situation which repeats year after year is indeed shocking. High Tide Alert Dates in Mumbai 2019: Calendar of High And Low Tides During This Monsoon.

Despite creating a lot of awareness about the disposal of waste, a lot of garbage from the city ends up in its ocean waters. The sea has now spewed out all the waste back at us, with the high tides. This garbage not just causes a lot of stench in the area but also poses a danger of diseases to nearby residents. The promenade is almost entirely covered in garbage. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach Spews Out Plastic Waste On the Shore! Netizens Concerned (Read Tweets).

Watch Video of BMC Workers Cleaning The Garbage at Marine Drive:

Twitter users passing by the road also posted few pictures and videos of the garbage that was spewed out by the sea.

Back in our face!

We deserve this

Although this is not the first year such a scene has been observed at Mumbai's Marine Drive, we citizens still don't seem to learn. Last year, a picture of accumulated waste on Mumbai's Juhu beach had gone viral which showed the entire shore covered in plastic waste. A lot of non-biodegradable items, plastic bottles, plastic bags and all kinds of litter is thrown into the ocean and the sea returns it. We seriously need to buck towards managing waste and improving our habits.