Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas 2020 Celebration Starts Trending on Valentine’s Day: ‘Youths’ Are Wishing Their Parents With #ParentsWorshipDay
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Love is in the year, and couples are celebrating Valentine’s Day with everything red around them. The whole town is painted the so-called colour of love. While individuals are busy trying to impress their significant others, a section of Twitter, has dedicated February 14 as Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas. Famously known as Parents Worship Day, youths in India gather to worship their mother and father and takes their blessings in return. Like every year, this year too, Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas is observed as religiously by the kids to worship their parents. This is why Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas 2020 celebration is seen to trend on Twitter with various tweets accompanied by the viral hashtag, #ParentsWorshipDay.  Valentine's Day 2020 Funny Memes: Jokes And Hilarious GIFs on Singles Flood Social Media. 

The Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas was initiated by the spiritual leader, Asaram Bapu, who is currently serving his term in jail for alleged rape and murder charges. The first Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas’ tradition was started in 2007 Sant Shri Asharamji Gurukul, Ahmedabad. In 2015, the Bharatiya Janata Party led-government in Chattisgarh made February 14 as an official celebration of Parents Worship Day. With the celebration of Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas, Asaram Bapu encourages the students to honour and respect their parents, as they have and will always be the support. After Asaram Bapu was convicted with rape and murder charges, followers have taken February 14 as an opportunity to praise his initiative and also celebrate Parents. Parents Worship Day tweets have started to flood the Twitter timeline as children gather to share their honour towards their mothers and fathers.

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Happy Parents Worship Day!

Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas!

Valentine's Day With Parents!

Honour Your Parents!

Matra Pitra Pujan Diwas is another celebration of Anti-Valentine Day. This day does not promote the celebration of love between couples but the love we share with our parents. Individuals wish their fathers and mothers on Parents Worship Day and spend time with them to promote the bond of parents and children.