Golden Retriever Pup Accidently Locks Himself Out; Clever Dog Uses Video Doorbell to Get Back in the House
Clever Dog Uses Video Doorbell (Photo Credits: YouTube Screengrab)

A golden retriever pup spent a miserable evening on the doorway, thinking about what he had done. However, the puzzled one who accidentally locked himself out, soon used some pup intuition to get back in the house. Well, he tried the human technology—a video doorbell to alert his owner about his dilemma. Reportedly, Marshall, the dog escaped his home in Spokane, Washington on September 25. He then pawed at the doorbell camera that appears to be a friendly nose boop, to get back in. The video that can be only described as utterly adorable captures the moment, which is now going viral. Golden Retriever as Mayor! Californian Town Elected a Dog, View Cute Pics of Max. 

The owner, Greg Basel, uploaded the video of his concerned golden retriever pup. The report, by a Texas ABC affiliate, did contain much information, but needless to say, Marshall just did what any humans would have done by heading to the front door. And thankfully, after a few paw pounds on the door, some let Marshall back in. Chile Military Parade With Puppies! Watch Video of Adorable Police Golden Retrievers Who Stole the Show & Hearts. 

Watch the video of the puppy pawing at the doorbell camera. 

Marshall is back inside the house and is doing fine. He had learnt a good lesson and will probably think before trying some mischievous act again. It is really amazing to see the canines being so intelligent, figuring out their way in this human-dominated world. Some media outlets also appreciated Nest for creating such pup-friendly doorbells. Hopefully, they will come out with some even more pet-friendly home machines.