The outbreak of Coronavirus has forced millions across the world to stay put in their homes and observe social distancing. Staying indoors is already bringing out many creative sides of people, from dressing up with blankets to turning into brilliant cooks. Keeping up with the current situation are funny trends that are emerging every few days on social media. Funny memes and jokes are always making people laugh on the internet, making social media a fun place among all the daily news updates. A funny trend has come up on Twitter which is about describing this social distancing phase through a meme. So netizens are bringing out the funny side with hilarious jokes, memes and GIFs to describe how social distancing feels. Coronavirus Quarantine Funny Memes and Jokes Are Keeping Spirits High as Positive Messages Provide Much-Needed Inspiration in Times of Despair.

Ever since social distancing was made mandatory in most nations, people were already sharing jokes and memes to describe the situation, be it while working from home or the goof ups during zoom meetings. Now a new trend has them sharing a meme that would once again describe the social distancing situation. People are sharing funny viral memes and some of them will definitely make you smile wide this quarantine. SocialDistancingPickUpLines Take Over Twitter and They Are the Much-Needed Comic Relief Amid Self-Quarantining, Funny Memes Go Viral.

Check Funny Memes on #MemeThisQuarantine: 

Working From Home Like...

Sleep-Deprived Folks

Some Students Right Now

Phone is Survival

Most of Us Back to Work

How We Will Meet

Looking For Jobs

Weight Gain, No Problem!

What Weekend?

Most Parents 

Missing Your Friends?

There are a lot of funny responses on this Twitter trend and these memes will definitely make your quarantine seem better as you smile through them all. Have you found the perfect meme to describe this quarantine? We are sure there would be many. As memes continue to give us respite time and again, these ones are just too relatable.

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