New Year 2019 Effect! Salad Bars Get Overcrowded in NYC Thanks to ‘Eat Healthy’ Resolutions
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It is New Year 2019, and its also time for taking some serious resolutions for a healthy lifestyle. Food holds an important place in everyone’s lives; we are obsessed with what we eat. Hence, it is natural to come across people who promise to ditch their beloved fast food, moving away from junk to salads at least in the days following the New Year. In New York City, people are so serious about their “eat healthy” resolutions that they are mobbing salad joints in the city. Why Are New Year's Resolutions SO HARD to Keep? Here's Why!

The New York Post reported that the fast-food chains in the city offering less leafy lunch are seeing a slowdown in business these days. Instead, people are queuing up outside joints serving healthy food.  One of the customers at a popular salad joint, Chopt was quoted in the report as saying, “The last few days after New Year’s have been crazy because of the resolutions and people wanting to eat healthy.” A worker reported that the beginning of the year is always the busiest. The queue is crazy, and it is so vast that it even extends outside the restaurants’ door. New Year Resolutions And The Art of Keeping Them Alive. 

On the other hand, the fast food chains are reportedly witnessing slow business such as McDonald’s who said the customer visit these days is “extra slow”. Eating healthy is indeed a too-hard-to-define goal, but those are adamant towards their resolutions like the New Yorkers are sure to achieve it.