Norwegian Woman Runs and Jumps Like a Horse Flawlessly, Becomes an Internet Sensation! (Watch Viral Videos)
Woman runs like a horse (Photo Credits: Video grab)

As a  child we all have imitated some animal actions. But a woman named Ayla Kirstine can imitate running like a horse even as she is older. A Twitter user shared a video of Kirstine galloping on a field and soon enough it went viral. A resident of Norway, Ayla Kirstine can run around the field and even jump like a horse over a table! While her skills are amazing, it can get a little unsettling to watch over and over. She literally runs and jumps like a horse! Man From Manchester Lives Like a Dog, Eats From a Bowl and Barks at Friends; Know About 'Human Pups' (Watch Video).

Ayla Kirstine has an Instagram account which shows off her jumping skills. These videos have started getting more traction after the skill of her's made it to Twitter first last week. Twitter user by the name Cherno tweeted one of Kirstine's videos and called her a horse woman. Cute Friendship of a Horse and a Ram Is Going Viral on Twitter for All the Right Reasons (Watch Videos).

Watch Video of Ayla Kirstine Running and Jumping Like a Horse:

Ever since the video was shared it has got over 18 million views and 80,000 plus likes. It is amazing to see how she does it so comfortably. Not just sprinting on the ground but jumping over the wooden bench too. She has become an internet sensation and her new Instagram account which is about a month old, has more such videos of her.

Watch Video of Ayla Kirstine Galloping Like a Horse


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All of her videos have more than 25,000 views and talking to Daily Star she revealed that she always wanted to be a dog! She was quoted, "I started when I was 4 years old. I loved dogs and I wanted to be a dog myself. There are quite a few who find it strange, I  try not to think about it and just do what I like." She clearly developed it into a regular pass time that has made her a star on the internet today.