Old Image of Incorrect Sign Board at Chennai International Airport Goes Viral Again, Authorities Claim It’s Morphed
Incorrect Sign Board at Chennai International Airport (Photo Credits: @AAI_Official/ Twitter)

It is usual for us to witness a video or picture taking over social media platforms. But when something extremely old starts to surface online, it may spike misinformation or what is termed as ‘fake news.’ It should never be too late, to verify and stop such circulation of images and videos. Take the case of Chennai International Airport, for a recent instance. A picture showing an incorrectly translated sign board of ‘Eating Carpet Strictly Prohibited,’ is going viral on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi Instagrammed the same image as well. However, the pic is very old, and Airports Authority India has released a statement claiming it to be a morphed image. Donald Trump Tweets Photoshopped Pic of ISIS Raid Dog Conan Getting Felicitated By Him, Receives Mixed Reactions. 

The viral image shows a mistranslated sign. In Hindi, the sign reads as “Farsh par khaana sakht mana hai.” After being translated into English, it says, “Eating Carpet Strictly Prohibited.” The word “on” is missing in the sentence, which resulted in viral mockery. According to media reports, the picture was taken in 2015. And the AAI in a tweet said the picture is “morphed.” Sharing the pic, the tweet was captioned as, “Important Announcement from #AAI Since 2015, this morphed image shown has been doing rounds time and again. Requesting everyone not to circulate any such photographs without proper fact-checking.”

Here's the Statement:

Old images and video often resurfaces online while confusing and misleading people at large. Such relatable instances, many a time, is forwarded circulating wrong information making social media users victim of fake news. Hence, it is essential to verify such cases before circulating it.