‘Oo Ma Go Turu Love,’ is it still stuck in your mind? Don’t worry; you are not alone! The whole nation seems to be stuck with the phrase of this viral kid whose jibe on couples has gone hilariously viral. It is not ‘true love’ anymore but ‘turu love.’ If you are active on social media, you must have come across the video of a Bengali kid whose taunt on couples and their ‘turu love’ has gone crazy viral. So much, that people cannot stop posting hilarious memes on it. Social media seems to be obsessed with the kid, and ‘turuly’ in love with him as the phrase is now stuck in everyone’s mind. ‘Oo Ma Go Turu Love memes and jokes are getting funnier. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook—social media platforms are filled with hilarious posts mocking couples, using the internet’s current favourite and popular phrase.

If you haven’t seen the video, and in case living under a rock, we are here to explain it to you what the craze is all about. The video, uploaded on YouTube shows the kid explaining to boys that if you can take permission from your girlfriend and keep her updated about your whereabouts, why not parents? And then says, “OMG! True Love,” but in his own style, “Oo Ma Go Turu Love!” Internet is now in love with the phrase, and it won’t be wrong saying that it will remain for quite a while giving birth to more memes and jokes—as their new favourite funny meme template.

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Since social media is so obsessed with the kid and his phrase, we bring you some of the best jokes and memes people are sharing online. Check out the best ‘Oo Ma Go Turu Love’ memes and jokes and join the bandwagon with these hilarious posts.

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Memes on couples are not uncommon, and meme lovers have ensured there are enough to mock their mushiness online. But the kid’s phrase is what making people go obsessed and allowing them to create more jokes.

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