Orlando Police Officer Pulls Baby Daughter Over for Driving without License, And Her Reaction is Priceless (Watch Adorable Video)
Baby pulled over Orlando Police (Photo Credits: WVTM 13 News YouTube)

An adorable video of a cop pulling over a little infant is being widely shared on social media. The clip shows the baby riding her red toy car on the street when the police ask her for license paper. The 10-month-old looks at officer and simply smiles, well, the cop is her father, Xander Ppik of the Orlando Police Department. From her reaction, it's clearly understood that she knows the person. Every time, the cop asks her for her driving license, she looks at him and smiles. Father And Toddler's Gibberish Conversation Goes Viral; Social Media is Watching the 'Funny' Video on Loop.

She also turns multiple times to look back at the police car probably amused by red lights on it. The video shows fully dressed Xander Ppik, bearing arms on his chest, walking out of the car only to stop near his daughter. The video has now gone viral with people calling the baby's reaction adorable. She has to be the first person who laughed at a cop who asked for a license. The incident was recorded by baby Talynn's mother in Orlando, Florida. The footage went viral after Michelle Warren posted it on social media. Video of Clumsy Baby Elephant Chasing Dogs Is Your Today’s Serving of Utter Cuteness!

Watch the video here:

Similar videos of babies being stopped by real cops after they were spotted riding toy cars have gone viral on social media multiple times in the past. However, this one seems to be the first one wherein the cop was the baby's father himself. As the video went viral, social media users commented jokingly said that the cop should have demanded a breath test as she was laughing continuously. Well, the video has surely made our day, let us know in the comments section below about what you feel.