Pet Lion Kills Czech Man, Police Shoot Wild Cats in Victim's Garden To Reach His Body
Man gets killed by his pet lion (Photo Credits: Facebook/Michal Prasil)

Keeping a wild animal as a pet is not really a feasible option. 34-year-old Michal Prasek (Michal Prasil) kept a nine-year-old lion who mauled him to death. A resident of the eastern Czech Republic, he also had a lioness in the premises in a separate cage. And to rescue the man, both the lion and lioness had to be shot down. Prasek's father found his son's body in the lion's enclosure and it was locked from inside. He called the police to the rescue and for them to get to the man's body, they had to kill both the wild cats. Lion Enters Vehicle And Cuddles With Tourists at Taigan Safari Park in Ukraine, Watch Video!

The incident took place in the village of Zdechov, in Vsetin District in the Zlin Region of Eastern Czech. The animals were in separate enclosures, but and had drawn some concern from the residents in the past. A police officer told local media the shootings were "absolutely necessary for them to get to the man," according to a report in BBC. Prasek had got the lion in the year 2016 and lioness just last year for breeding purposes. He was even charged in the past for illegal breeding. He did not even have the permission to keep these wild animals as he did not have the permission for these cages. He did not let any authorities to enter his premises. Gujarat: Gir Lion Breaks Into Farmer’s House to Eat Calf, Spends Two Hours Relaxing On Groundnuts (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Michal Prisal With His Pet Lion

The authorities when they wanted to take away the animals could not take them because they did not have a safe place to keep them. There was no evidence of animal cruelty against the animals. Prasek's pet lions had made it to the news when cyclists had collided with the lioness while they were out for a walk on a leash. But back then it was labelled as a traffic incident. Animal welfare organisation, World Animal Protection called it a tragic incident saying it is an example, "why wild animals such as big cats, are absolutely not to be kept as pets."