Gujarat: Gir Lion Breaks Into Farmer’s House to Eat Calf, Spends Two Hours Relaxing On Groundnuts (Watch Video)

Gir, November 12: What would you do if you witnessed an Asiatic lion suddenly appeared in your house? On Sunday night, a farmer in Patala village of Gujarat's Amreli district was greeted with a sight of a lion relaxing in a room filled with groundnuts. The big cat entered the house after killing a buffalo calf which belonged to a farmer. The forest officials had to sneak through a rear door to provide a safe escape to the feline.

The family of 15 members were in the house while 20 buffaloes and cattle were in the shed when lion entered the farmer's house. A video of the incident has been going viral on social media. In the video, the feline can be seen sprawling on the groundnut pyramid. Leopard Enters Secretariat Campus in Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, Caught by Forest Officials; Watch Video.

Watch The Video:

It took almost two hours to rescue the lion safely and help it make its way back into the forest. "It is not unusual for lions to enter villages like Patla, as Gir forest is only a few kilometres away. These big cats enter villages regularly looking for prey," Tulsishyam RFO P R Patel said.

Earlier this month, a leopard entered the premises of the secretariat in Gujarat's Gandhinagar on November 5 morning. The leopard was seen entering into the campus. Later, the campus was shut down and no one was allowed to enter the premises until the feline was located and rescued. After the four hours of a massive search operation, the leopard was caught by forest officials and safely returned to the forest.