It's a moment for every Punjabi today as a street in New York's Queens has been named as Punjab Avenue! In honour of the Punjabi community living here and their contributions a busy 101 Avenue, from 111 Street to 123 Street has been co-named as Punjab Avenue. This entire stretch has many businesses being run by Punjabis. Pictures and videos of the unveiling of the name have been shared online and not just Punjabi but all Indians will be collectively proud of making this mark in the top city of US. Sikh Community in US Pledges to Work for Development of Punjab.

Council member Adrienne Adams played a key role in renaming the street along with committee members from the Sikh Cultural Society, Baba Makhan Singh Lobana Sikh Centre. This area also has two largest gurudwaras situated here. These gurudwaras fed over 10,000 of people in the times of the pandemic. They even provided free meals to the Americans in self-isolation. Adams praised the community and said they are "been underserved, not really recognized… Invisible, which is a travesty, knowing everything that all of our community brings to this wonderful district." She added they deserve this honour as they helped to build the Richmond Hill. Annual Turban Day in US: Sikh Group Creates Guinness World Record by Tying Thousands of Turbans During Celebrations.

Check The Video Here:

Here Are Pics From The Unveiling:

People on social media shared this news with pride. And people residing are of course honoured with this new step. "It means a lot. We really feel respectful that we are recognized," expressed Rajwinder Kaur, a member of the Community Education Council. It is indeed a moment of pride everyone in India as well.

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