While women in many parts of the country continue to be shamed for menstruation and kept away from temples during their period, Odisha celebrates a festival that honours them. A three-day festival of Raja Parba also called as Mithun Sankranti is held every year in mid-June in Odisha. This day essentially celebrates Mother Earth and her fertility. On this auspicious occasion sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has made a beautiful sand art to extend greetings of the day. ‘Humanity Has Failed Again,’ Sudarsan Pattnaik Shares Save Elephant Sand Art Amid Saddening Death of Pregnant Elephant in Kerala (View Pic).

Raja Parba 2020 begins on June 14 this year. It is the day when the sun transits from the Vrishabha rashi to the Mithuna rashi. It marks the beginning of the solar month. People worship and have special prayers for Lord Jagannatha. It also celebrates the onset of womanhood, the start of menstruation. Woman and unmarried young girls are celebrated by given them a break from all the work and honoured. Sand artist Pattnaik who is known for making beautiful works on every festival depicts a girl on a swing, signifying the happiness of womanhood for Raja Parba. The swing's on a tree, also showcasing a part of Mother earth too. Playing on swings, singing songs, spending cheery times is a part of the festive celebrations

Check The Sand Art Here:

Like all his other creations, this too has been liked by many. The people believe that Mother Earth in the form of Bhudevi, wife of Lord Jagannath undergoes menstruation for three days and on the fourth day, she is given a ceremonial bath. All the agricultural activities are on a break and this is time for enjoyment, especially for the women.

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