Rescue of 'Stolen' Goat Turns Into Gujarat Police Becoming 'Bakra'!
Goat has gone missing from Gujarat. Representational Image (Photo credits: Pexels, Nandhu Kumar)

The feeling of losing a pet is not a pleasant one, especially when it goes missing. A family from Gujarat is currently experiencing the grave loss of their goat worth Rs. 80,000 which has been stolen by someone. The authorities ensured they do everything to find it, but an attempt at rescuing the goat has turned foul. An operation was undertaken for a rescue of this goat with the help of city cops, railway police amid some political pressure with a search mission across cities of Surat and Ahmedabad, and it went terribly wrong. The goat was taken from Surat station aboard a Mumbai-bound train and got back to Ahmedabad. But unfortunately, it was the wrong goat.

A goat was reported stolen from Asarwa area and there was a search operation for it. According to eyewitnesses, the goat was taken away by some unidentified people in a white coloured Eco car. The goat belonged to the Patni family who had been meticulously looking after it, to sell it during their son's marriage. The MLA from the area, Pradeep Parmar was informed about it and he had been looking into the matter.

The family somehow got a tip that the goat was being taken to Mumbai. So the railway police were informed, who too got into quick action for the rescue. They rescued a goat from Surat station and got it back to the city of Ahmedabad. The entire mission was not so easy but it turned out to be a foul one as it was not the goat belonging to Patni family. The MLA Parmar was quoted in a news report, "I made efforts to search for the goat, as the family was poor and the goat was priced at Rs. 80,0000. For a poor family, Rs. 80,000 means a lot and hence I went all out to search for the goat."

The owner of the stolen goat, Madhuben Kesabhai realised that the goat they brought to Ahmedabad had some distinct marks on its ear, which were not there on his goat. So the goat was returned to the police. The goat seized from the train was then taken to Meghaninagar police station and its original owner came in to take it after giving proper verification. The stolen goat still remains missing, but the family which returned the wrong goat also needs to be appreciated.