Teacher of the Year is such a coveted title for any educator but imagine rubbing off a penis-shaped object while you take that award? This is not some weird fantasy but something that happened in Russia recently. Teachers at the Russian Teacher of the Year awards had to rub off the glass trophies which very much resembled a phallus. The annual competition that was held in Sakhalin island is unfortunately going wrong for the wrong reasons. Video of the women "rubbing on the glass penis" has been shared online and it is now going viral. Girl Eating Penis? This Viral Video of Lady Biting on Pacific Geoduck Grosses the Internet out.

Local media sources report that it is a bit of a tradition here for the nominees to touch the trophy. The crystal make trophies usually resemble a pelican but this year's trophy was nothing close to a bird but more to a male's genitalia. One by one the teachers came on stage and touched the trophy which was being held by one lady. The shape of the trophy definitely raised some eyebrows. The video was shared by TV host Sergey Minaev on his YouTube channel and he made some funny observations. He joked on the women being made to rub the glass penis and also added that they seemed like "some regional PornHub awards for their best models." Penis-Shaped Slippers to Protect You From Winter! From Cushions to Earrings, Other Bizarre Phallic Shaped Products For Lover of D*cks.

Watch The Video Here:

The woman holding the trophy also looks awkward at a point, don't you think? As the video went viral even the organisers are said to have agreed that the trophy was a "strange shape". Definitely, not a pelican! The teacher who won the award is history and social studies teacher Irina Saraikina. But then other than just this very sexually representive trophy, she also wins an all-expense paid trip to London. Well, that's comforting. 

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