Sammy the One-Winged Bald Eagle Birdnapped From Long Island Wildlife Refuge, Authorities Offer $12K Reward for Stolen Bird
Sammy, the One-Winged Bald Eagle (Photo Credits: Quogue Wildlife Refuge/ Facebook)

Sammy, the bald eagle’s life was never easy. At just four years of age, he lost his ability to fly. After being rescued, the bald eagle was taken to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge in Long Island, New York, to live the rest of his life. But his fate played the misery again. Now Sammy has been birdnapped. Authorities at the wildlife are extremely disheartened as they are unable to find their beloved bird. Suffolk County SPCA officials are reportedly offering 12K USD (Rs. 8, 27,000 approx.) as a reward to whoever finds the bird. Perfect Symmetrical Picture of Bald Eagle and Its Reflection Goes Viral, View Steve Biro's Unbelievable Pic!

In 1988, Sammy, was illegally shot in the wing, disabling him for life. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rescued the bird. But his right-wing had to be partially amputated. He was then taken to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge, where he was living his comfortably. His obedient and cheering nature, made him a loveable resident in the wildlife. People would love visiting Sammy. On July 16, 2019, someone sneaked in and cut a hole in Sammy’s cage, took him from the wildlife. A CCTV footage shows the unidentified man, taking the bald eagle through the parking lot. He wrapped the bird in something that resembled a blanket. Stunning Video of a Bald Eagle Swimming in New Hampshire Goes Viral Surprising Netizens. 

Watch CCTV Footage of Sammy's Birdnapping

The wildlife authorities are hurriedly tracking the bird. “OUR BALD EAGLE WAS TAKEN AND IS MISSING! He will be stressed and cannot survive without our care. We want him back unharmed. It is a federally protected bird and cannot survive in the wild as he has an amputated wing. Any info please call (631) 653-4771 or email Please share this post,” reads the Facebook post.

Meet Sammy, the Bald Eagle

It has nearly been a week and Sammy is still missing. Anyone finding any information regarding the bird is requested to contact the above-mentioned details. Meanwhile, wishes are pouring in, with Sammy’s fans wishing his health and safe return. In the United States, it is a federal crime to possess a bald eagle without a permit or even have a single bald eagle feather, reports The Washington Post. Penalties are strict to anyone who tends to harm the nation’s most symbolic bird.