School Girls Beat up Eve Teaser Who Tried to Molest Their Friend in Jodhpur; Video Goes Viral
Girls beat up boy (Photo Credits: Zee News YouTube)

Video of a group of schoolgirls hitting a boy has gone viral on social media. According to reports, the girls thrashed the boy who eve-teased one of them. They beat him up because he allegedly tried to molest their friend. The incident took place in Chopasani area of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Reportedly, the boy has been stalking the girl since the past few days and on Tuesday tried to hold her hand.

While the girl has been noticing the boy's behaviour she initially did not react. Eventually, she brought her classmates along and hit him in a public area. Some onlookers captured the video on their phone and shared it on social media. The video shows some trying to record the scene on mobile phones. Reportedly, the girl who thrashed the boy said that they have been taught to fight during such incidents in school. Creepy ‘Ghost’ Man Found in College Girl’s Closet, Wearing Her Clothes.

Watch the video here:

She also said that if she does it today, any other woman will not have to face such a situation. Another girl said that they were going to school in the morning when the boy tried to molest their schoolmate. The girls then united and hit him. The video shows some people trying to rescue the young boy from the girls. Maharashtra Shocker: Man Strangles Pregnant Wife to Death After a Tiff in Osmanabad, Sleeps Beside Body All Night.

Multiple similar incidents have been reported in the past. Recently, three female students of Dharma Singh Girls Inter College in Uttar Pradesh beat up an eve-teaser after locking the college's gates. They were helped a female teacher at the college. The eve teaser eventually escaped by jumping over the building's gate.