Seint Makeup is facing criticism for allegedly operating as an MLM or a multi-level marketing company. MLMs are seen as an issue because of their problematic business model. In July 2024, Seint Beauty announced that they would be switching from the alleged MLM model to an affiliate programme starting on October 1, 2024. However, influencers and artists who have built their careers based on the alleged MLM model are uncertain about the future after the announcement. Known for selling makeup through a network of sales representatives, Seint's move to an affiliate programme has caused both controversy and worry within the company. Read on to learn more about the Seint makeup controversy. Beauty Garage Professional Becomes First Brand in India to Highlight 18-MEA Benefits with New Shea Therapy Range.

What is MLM?

An MLM is a multi-level marketing company that sells products through a network of sellers who also try to recruit new sellers. In MLMs, people make money by selling products and getting commissions from the sales of the people they recruit. Even though MLMs are legal, they are criticised because they seem like illegal pyramid schemes that focus more on recruiting new sellers than selling products.

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What is the Seint Makeup Controversy About?

The controversy around Seint started in 2023 on Reddit. Seint was accused of being an MLM. Makeup users claimed that Seint’s makeup artists promoted the products on social media to earn commissions and recruit new members to their teams. They could even earn money from their sales. In early July 2024, Seint Beauty announced that they would be switching to an affiliate programme. According to a social media post from Seint, they will no longer have compensation for recruiting or team-building efforts. The focus will be on actual product sales. This also means that artists will now be ranked based on their monthly sales. This announcement has caused panic among many artists who are worried about how these changes will affect their careers and income, especially those who relied on team building and recruitment. Iconic Beauty Brand Laura Mercier Makes Grand Debut in Mumbai.

To help artists adjust to the change, Seint will be giving them three months to update and change their business strategies. During this time, artists can focus on boosting their sales without relying on recruitment. The new affiliate programme will aim to improve focus on customer satisfaction and product quality. This change is being made for the better and will reward those who are committed to sales and customer service.

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