Sex Doll Mistaken for Corpse Found Floating in Austrian River! Firefighters Unveils the Mystery
Sex Doll Mistaken for Corpse (Photo Credits: @stanley_gong/ @MilaMilanxxx/ Twitter)

The onlookers at the city if Steyr in the northern Austrian state of Upper Austria were puzzled when they saw a ‘suspicious’ floating object under a bridge in the river. To what seemed a corpse, the concerned passer-by soon called the police officials at the spot to probe the matter. Unable to identify what it was, they called the firefighters to take a closer look. But they were soon able to put the finder’s mind to rest and unveils the mystery. Well, it turned out to be a sex doll. Needless to say, it must have been quite the shock! Sex Robots Will Clone Real Women Faces, Here's Why It's Not a Good Thing. 

As per the reports, after getting the call from the police officers, eight firefighters quickly jumped into action, rushing to the scene as fast as they could. After more accurate criminal observation, they were able to give the all-clear sign because it turned out that the body was that of a partially inflated naked blow-up doll. The object was soon removed from the water to stop those false alarms. However, it was photographed for posterity. The recent incident rings the question if sex toys are appearing to be too realistic! Teen Girl Wants to Marry Her Zombie Doll, Claims They Have Normal Intimate Relationship. 

Corpse turned out to be a sex doll! 

This is not the first case. According to media outlets, last year in Amsterdam a sex doll has been rescued after being mistaken for a real woman. The concerned neighbours thought a lingerie-clad woman had been standing for a long time in a window, called the police. When she did not answer the doorbell, the cops stormed in expecting to find a dead body. Again, in the sea of Newquay this year, a fisherman reportedly spotted a body and called out the officers sending distress flares. Luckily, it was a sex toy.