Stefan Molyneux Tells Women to Get Married Young and Have Babies in a Viral Tweet, Twitterati Asks Him to Shut the F**k Up!
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Viral threads appearing on Twitter are at most times amusing and sometimes equally outrageous. However, the recent tweet getting into everyone’s nerve is sadly the latter one. So, when Canadian author and apparent philosopher, Stefan Molyneux on Twitter thought to share his opinion on woman’s fertile period, netizens could not stop but troll him mercilessly for all the right reasons. Molyneux in a tweet tells women to get married young and have babies, upholding outdated misogynistic family values. Women in response stood together online, and unanimously asked him to shut the f**k up. Fertility Issues? Six Ways to Fight Infertility. 

Molyneux is a Canadian podcaster and YouTuber, who is popular for his “scientific racism,” and “white supremacist” views. In the recent tweet, the 52-year-old man dictates on what a woman should do with their body; especially when it comes to fertility. In his now-viral tweet, he writes, “Ladies, by the time you are 30, 90% of your eggs are dead. Get married young, have your babies, THEN have your career. You have 40 years to work if you want to, you only have a short time to have children. Listen to Mother Nature - she loves you and wants you to be happy.” How to Get Pregnant? 5 ideal sex positions to conceive faster. 

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His claims are not correct. According to Fertility and Age, published in Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences, “there is an age-related decline in fecundity, the decrease usually starting at the age of 32 with a dramatic fall after the age of 37.” It is 2019 and women do not have to get married to have babies.