Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Twitter Uses Emoticons to Denote The Rare Celestial Event Taking Place Today
Twitter uses emoticons to show Super blood wolf moon (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It is time for a rare celestial phenomenon that's gracing the night skies. The lunar trifecta of the super moon, blood moon and a total lunar eclipse taking place on the night of January 20, lasts till the early hours of January 21. The rare celestial phenomenon has got everyone excited. So much so that micro-blogging platform Twitter too could resist from talking about it. Using emoticons, the Twitter account denoted the Super Blood Wolf Moon in emojis. Emoticons are most commonly used elements while chatting and making the best use of them, Twitter has depicted the celestial phenomenon. Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019 Live Streaming & Time in IST: Where Will Chandra Grahan Be Visible in India?

At this point, the moon is at the closest point from the earth, which is why it is also called the Supermoon. It also appears reddish thus is called the blood moon. During the phase of the total lunar eclipse, the sun, earth and the moon are in a perfect line. Because the earth is directly in between the sun and the moon, the moon does not get any direct sunlight. But the earth instead casts its shadow on the moon's surface, which is how we see the lunar eclipse. The full moon of January is called the wolf moon because of the ancient civilizations understanding of the seasonal changes.

Check Twitter's Representation of The Super Blood Wolf Moon in Emoticons

It is accurate but also a funny way of denoting the celestial phenomenon. Twitter users seem to be impressed with it, as within an hour of posting, it got over 7,000 likes and thousand plus retweets. Some users also tweeted the pictures and their view of the Super blood wolf moon. Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Know All About the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Related Doomsday Prediction.

This total lunar eclipse is visible from the parts of North America, South America, Western Europe and North-western Africa. Meanwhile, Partial Eclipse will be visible in some parts of Africa and Europe. Watching a lunar eclipse will naked eye has no harm. We hope you get a good glimpse of the Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019.