Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019 Live Streaming & Time in IST: Where Will Chandra Grahan Be Visible in India?
File Photo of Total Lunar Eclipse (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

January 2019 Lunar Eclipse aka Total Lunar Eclipse aka Super Blood Wolf Moon is taking place between January 20 and January 21 with time varying by location. As is the case with all the celestial events, the latest astronomical occurring has got the people across globe including India super excited. So will the Lunar Eclipse called Chandra Grahan in Hindi be visible in India and if yes, is there a way to observe it via live streaming at time in IST (Indian Standard Time). But first let us know what happens during Total Lunar Eclipse and then you can get Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019 live streaming with timings in IST. Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: Pregnancy Myths, Superstitions, Do’s & Don’ts & Facts for Expecting Mothers.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The Sun casts the Earth's shadow on the Moon's surface. Get ready to view a large red Moon as an unusual set of celestial circumstances comes together for skywatchers in Europe, Africa and the Americas, where a total lunar eclipse may be glimpsed. During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon will appear bigger than normal as it is closer to the Earth -- about 222,000 miles (358,000 kilometers) away. This is why the Moon has earned the nickname "Super Moon." Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 Date and Timings: Know About The Rare Astronomical Phenomenon Occurring in January.

"The colour is due to Rayleigh scattering -- where the Sun's blue light is scattered off molecules in Earth's atmosphere -- which also happens at sunsets," explained the Royal Astronomical Society of Britain.

Let us talk about other interesting monikers, the Full Moon is bestowed with. One such popular name being that of a "Wolf Moon," a traditional way of coining an eclipse in the month of January, and a "Blood Moon" because of its rusty, blood red colour. Hence the name for this year's celestial event: a "Super Blood Wolf Moon."

Which parts of the world will Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019 be observed? Total eclipse will be visible in parts of North America, South America, Western Europe and North-western Africa. Meanwhile, Partial Eclipse will be visible in some parts of Africa and Europe. What about visibility of Total Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan in India? Well, there’s some disappointment as it will be not be visible in this parts of the subcontinent. Nevertheless, enthusiasts skywatchers from India can still watch it via live streaming online on various social media platforms. Here are the details.

How to Watch Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019 or Chandra Grahan in India?

The Full Moon of January 21 will be a Super Moon, making it one amazing experience for astronomy lovers. The exciting celestial event will be visible to the Americans and Europeans but people in India need not feel disappointed. There are several channels on YouTube that are doing the live streaming of beautiful January 2019 Lunar Eclipse or Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019 or Total Lunar Eclipse, or colloquially spoken Chandra Grahan.

At the peak of the Total Lunar Eclipse, Venus and Jupiter should be shining brightly in the night sky, provided the night skies are clear of clouds. Experts label a total lunar eclipse a rare event when it is visible on so many parts of the Earth’s land mass and January Eclipse 2019 is a unique moment. The next Total Lunar Eclipse is expected to take place in May 2021.