Swami Nithyananda Video Interview on His 'Inter-life Reincarnation Trust' Plan To Get Money From Billionaires Will Give You 'Thug Life' Feeling
Nithyanand Swami Image created for visual impact (Photo credits: File Image)

Swami Nithyananda and his plans to renew Hinduism are difficult to fathom for anyone easily. The self-styled Godman Nithyananda Sangha calls himself a source of achieving integrity between inner space to superconsciousness. Other than his ultimate enlightenment abilities he can defy science so well. Time and again, Nithyananda has made claims that will make a scientist churn with utter discomfort. But with an educated audience, their claims seem not absurd but real. It is easy to fool the masses, by bringing in God and instigating fear and in return make tons of money. In one of the videos, Nithyananda shows how to get money from the billionaires of the world and deliver it to them in the next life.

Nithyananda's videos have gone viral because of his bizarre claims. Now his his plan of executing a suggested business plan is a must hear. Rajiv Malhotra, an Indian-American author and public intellectual happen to have an interview with Nithyananda and in more likeliness of the godman's claims gave a plan of Inter-life Reincarnation Trust Management. The idea is to basically approach billionaires like Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffet and offer them a scheme to secure their money in the afterlife. To make their money available for their future life and also deliver it to them. Nithyananda says it is quiet possible. We are not kidding! How to Become a Successful Godman in India: A Step-by-Step Guide to Make Money Unethically That Should STOP! 

Watch Video: Nithyananda talking about giving financial security to billionaires. 

While he laughs at the proposed plan, he also expresses that it is definitely possible and can be developed in Hinduism. He says he can guide them to bring them back, wherever they want! Swami Nithyananda will do all the research for its execution. Earlier, he has dismissed Einstein's theory of relativity to differentiate between the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. He spoke of making monkeys and cows talk in Sanskrit. And now he can develop a business security plan for the billionaires in their next life.