Thailand Teen Addicted to Gaming Dies of Stroke After Playing Video Games All Night
Thailand Teenager dies of stroke (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A 17-year-old in Thailand was found dead after playing video games all night long. Piyawat Harikun from Udon Thani in northern Thailand had stopped going to classes to spend all night in gaming sessions on the computer. His parents said that he would stay up all night long and sleep in the morning. He was so fixed on the games that his parents had to take food to his room. They used to tell him to let go off his obsession, but he did not. Medics who examined him said that he died of a stroke caused due to playing the computer constantly through the night. PUBG Saves Kerala Couple's Marriage From Being Called off; Here's Their Story.

Piyawat's father Jaranwit found Piyawat lying against a PC on the floor on Monday afternoon. The boy laid unconscious as a piled of food boxes were kept on the table next to the keyboard. Jaranwit who is an air force officer tried to revive his son but he was already dead. Daily Mail was quoted as saying, "I called his name and said 'wake up, wake up' but he did not respond. I could see he was dead." Jaranwit admitted that his son was a gaming addict. He warned other parents not to let their children get addicted to gaming. PUBG Addict Hangs Himself in Kurla After Argument With Family Over Buying Smartphone.

Jaranwit further said, "My son was smart and always did great at school but he had a major problem with gaming addiction. I tried to warn him about his relentless long hours playing games and he promised to reduce it, but it was too late. He had already died before he had a chance to change. I want my son's death to be an example and warning for parents whose children are game addicts. They need to be more strict on their children's playing hours otherwise they could end up like my son."