The Giant ‘Rice Wave’ Funny Memes Goes Viral on Twitter and Instagram (View Pics)
Rice wave memes. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ THE BOMB DIGGY BH 11 and Crusty_Sea_Men)

These days one can't really predict what has the potential to go viral. It can be some simple celeb photobombing skills like Fiji water girl, a.k.a. Kelleth Cuthbert had, some fancy functional nail art or just an optical illusion picture. Anything can go viral these days either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The most recent one in the row of churning viral funny memes, however, is a crazy picture of a giant 'rice wave' that is taking various social media platforms by storm. At first, it looked like the man holding wok has some mad cooking skills, however, people figured out very soon that it was a YouTube prank done by a famous Japanese YouTuber and a still from the video is what they are seeing. Nevertheless, the picture is circulating on the internet and has spurred a hilarious photoshop battle. The picture was initially shared on Twitter with a caption "What a pic." In no time the still from the YouTuber's prank video went viral.

Popularly called "the wok guy" on Reddit, YouTuber Kanta posted the of him pranking with the giant fake wok flaunting a huge rice wave. However, the still will make you think twice if it is the impressive skills of the man holding the wok. The cost of the solid fried rice "wave," is approximately $4,000.

Take a look at the picture of YouTuber Kanta posing with the giant "rice wave."

Here are some of the funny memes the humongous rice wave gave way to.

The airpods meme trend merged with the giant "rice wave" meme.

The scare-fest!

I can't even...

Just perfection!

This would be all of us except Kanta!

Who thought of this?

Do you get it?

The last rice bender?

The viral egg from Instagram landed into the wok!

The picture, however, has left us wondering who came up with the idea of making a fake rice wave wok, in the first place? Whoever it may be the prop did make us laugh out loud and looks like photoshop battle is not going to stop anytime soon.