This Shraddha Kapoor Fan Wants the Actress to Notice Him So Badly That He's Photoshopping Himself in Funny Pictures With Her 
Seen these hilarious photoshopped pictures of Shraddha Kapoor ? (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Social media is a funny place and it never ceases to surprise us with what all one can find there. From memes, funny videos to badly photoshopped pictures, you will find everything here. As for fans of celebrities, Twitter has become a medium to reach out and connect. Although, while some fans keep it simple by replying to their favourite celebrities and hoping that some day they would get a response, there's a Shraddha Kapoor fan who certainly thinks it would be easy to grab her attention with some badly photoshopped pictures. Somebody Photoshopped Elon Musk’s Face Onto Dwayne Johnson Muscular Body and the Result Is Mind Boggling; Musk’s Reaction Is Epic!

A fan of Kapoor has managed to photoshop himself into funny pictures with her and is hoping that the actress takes notice of him. These hilarious pictures show Shraddha and him jogging in the park, posing in the middle of the street and so on. You have to watch it, to believe it. Check out these photoshopped pictures here.

When Shraddha Kapoor's Angry:

Just Going for a Jog With Shraddha Kapoor:

Out and About With Shraddha Kapoor:

Because That Doesn't Look Like a Photoshop at All:

Can You Spot Prabhas in the Background?

These badly photoshopped pictures are sure to leave netizens in splits. This has been a popular trend among fans, in the past too we have seen several hilarious photoshopped pictures of celebrities in unusual situations. Well, we sure would want to know what Shraddha Kapoor thinks of that!