Thousands of Asian Carp Fish Jump Out of Water During Electrofishing in Kentucky (Watch Video)
Electrofishing in Kentucky (Photo Credits: Youtube)

Electrofishing is catching fish with the help of electricity. The technique is used to determine the population and density of fish in a given area. Asian carp is famous as an invasive species and it makes capturing them very difficult. Wildlife officials of Kentucky are trying their hardest to fight the species of fish and have resorted to using electricity to get control over the spread. A video of electrofishing from Kentucky has gone viral showing exactly how electrofishing works. The amount of fish gathered with the process has shocked the viewers. Girl Shocked to Find Dead Goldfish in a Bag Her Mom Ordered Online.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources decides to use electricity to catch these fish when the regular net wasn’t working. Large fishing nets don’t always work in catching small fish. And in the case of Asian carp, the fish is hard to see underwater which makes it tougher to aim. The department used special boats with electrodes that pump electricity through the surface of the water.  Watch How This Smart Crow Bargains for a Bigger Fish With the Fishmonger in This Viral Video.

Viral Video of Electrofishing in Kentucky of Asian Carp

The electric current passed in the water immediately affects the fish in the nearby area. When the fish come in contact with the current, their body freezes and causes their body to spasm. The fish don’t die as soon as the current hits, but it’s more like the shock makes it difficult for them to move. This makes it easy to trap them in a net. The Asian carp species is a major problem in the USA in Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and Illinois river systems. The bunch of fish caught in the video was ultimately sold.