Watch How This Smart Crow Bargains for a Bigger Fish With the Fishmonger in This Viral Video
Crow bargains for a fish (Photo Credits: Video grab)

Crows are a common sight in the neighbourhood. It is quite common for them to sit on window panes and keeping cawing till they get a morsel of food. One of the smartest creatures in the world, the crow is equally admired for its intelligence as it is reviled. A video has been going viral, which once again proves how these birds are the smartest. The footage is taken from a fish market, showing a crow "bargaining" with a fishmonger because he wants a bigger fish. The crow is offered a few small fish by the seller but he rejects them. But the moment he is offered a plump fish, he secures it in its beak and flies away. The amusing video is going viral on social media. ‘Gorilla Crow’ Video From Japan Is Going Viral, but Here Is Something You Should Know.

These brainy birds are known to outsmart even children and apes. Crows and ravens are known to solves puzzles. They are said to have a good memory, and can even remember human faces for a period of time. So looks like, the particular crow in this video knew the fish seller too. He is seen eyeing the fish and when the seller offers him one, he doesn't take it. In the end, he eventually settles for a large fish. Crows Have Sex With Their Dead? New Study Points Funeral Conducting Birds Have Some Weird Behaviour!

Watch Video of a Crow Bargaining With Fish Seller For a Big Fish:

The video has been retweeted 2300 times and got over 5000 likes. People were also marvelled at the bird's intelligence. Some of them said the crow has a perfect idea about how much fish is needed for the family! Check how some of the users reacted.

Integrity is appreciable

Beggar being a chooser

Definitely a better negotiator

Needed in Sales!

Some people also shared their experiences with these intelligent birds. It is indeed amazing to see the bargaining skills of the crow who knew what he wanted and only left after he got it.