TikTok Doctor is Going Viral For Spreading Smiles in Tough Times, Know Everything About Dr Jason Campbell Who Has Impressed Hugh Jackman Among Many With His Dance Moves (Watch Videos)
TikTok doctor (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

The world which has been gripped by the severity of COVID 19 really needs some hope right now. As the pandemic affects, more than a million people globally, the situation is very tense even for those even if they are at home. It is even more stressful for the doctors and medical officers who are leading the fight against Coronavirus. But to spread some smiles and positivity is 'TikTok Doctor' Jason Campbell. Stepping up with swift moves, quiet literally this doctor from Oregon who's dance videos are going so viral, he's even got celebrity fans Janet Jackson and Hugh Jackman. He dances along with his coworkers to create entertaining dance videos, which are now spreading smiles during these tough times. Iranian Doctors And Nurses Dance in Hospitals to Keep Up The Spirits During Coronavirus Outbreak (Watch Videos).

Dr Jason Campbell, popularly known as 'TikTok doctor' is an anesthesiology resident at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). He is among the many others who are staying up long hours in hospitals and working on the frontline to deal with this pandemic. But he ensures, while at it, he also spreads some hope and cheers. As things started getting tense everywhere, he started making dance videos and posting them online. And not just any random dance videos, he ensures to give a message through them. Through his dance videos, he reminds people of washing their hands, maintaining social distance and staying safe.

With his dance moves, he has gathered over a lakh of followers and is spreading smiles with his positivity, after his work hours. His videos are grabbing the attention from celebrities too!  Recently, Hugh Jackman also shared a video of him dancing with the nurses and said a "Thank You" to all doctors, calling them superheroes. Italian Doctor Shares Ordeal on Twitter As Coronavirus Spreads Across Italy, Says Hospital Running Out of Capacity, Death Toll on the Rise.

Here's a Video of TikTok Doc Dancing With The Nurses:

@drjcofthedcFriday = Time for the Cha Cha Slide! ##chachaslide ##distancedance ##fyp ##foryourpage ##viral ##drjcofthedc ##goviral ##viralvideo ##tiktokdoc ##dance ##fun♬ chachaslide - Ssica

He Even Takes Challenges:

@drjcofthedcCoronavirus Foot Shake. No hand shakin’ allowed in the hospital!##coronavirus ##oohnananachallenge ##oohnanana ##ohnana @jimmyfallon @charlidamelio♬ Oh Nanana - Remix - dj 6rb & bonde r300

Reminding to Keep Social Distance

Doctors everywhere who are battling the epidemic are in a lot of stress as they continue to work long hours and cater to thousands of patients. Campbell believes that to get through this mental health well-being is also necessary and dancing helps that. At the same time, he and his team members ensure, they do their job in same seriousness. "Times are tough. We don't take that lightly. We're preparing very, very diligently to be ready at OHSU for what may come. And all the hospitals in Oregon are working together, which is really nice to see, because we know we're stronger together," he was quoted to KGW.

Dr Campbell always loved dancing and is using it effectively. "I use it as a way to highlight or signify the end of a long day and rally together and get ready to embrace whatever the next day brings." In one of the reports, he mentioned that he'd written some op-eds and wanted to get in touch with the younger community. He was suggested to get on TikTok and now he is using the platform to spread great cheer among the people.