The 1954 hit song, Mr Sandman is the recent viral trend going on after a cat owner filmed his pet, dancing to the tune adorably. Now, a number of videos have emerged showing people lip syncing to the song using the nine-camera split filter. The videos are going viral along with #MrSandmanChallenge hashtag on social media. You cannot miss the clips.

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In a viral Twitter gaffe, Pakistan's Senator Rehman Malik tagged UNO game, instead of the United Nations, while sharing a tweet by ANI on the situation in Srinagar. The blunder has been noticed by Twitterati, who in no time began to troll the country's former Interior Minister.

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The India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) today, released images of the lunar surface captured by Chandrayaan 2. The photos were taken by Terrain Mapping Camera-2 (TMC2) of the spacecraft on August 23 at an altitude of about 4,375 km. Read the full story here.

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According to reports, Mr. B, also known as BeeJay, a 2-year-old 26-pound tabby cat currently residing at the Morris Animal Refugee in Philadelphia is in need of home. As the animal shelter posted this "jumbo-sized package of fluff & love," for any potential adopters, internet could not stop gushing over him. A lot of cat fantasies answered yes and Mr. B is the new internet sensation.

Meet Mr. B!

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg has just hit 100 million subscribers on YouTube and his fans cannot keep their calm. With this, he has become the solo YouTube creator to reach such a milestone and no one is even close to him. Read the full story here

Like always wanting to go out, waiting for their "hooman", being just too cute or smart, there are several dog memes on the internet. On International Dog Day 2019, we give you some funniest dog memes. Read the full story here.


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August 26 marks the celebration of International Dog Day. Pet owners and dog lovers have taken to social media to pay a tribute to their fur babies. Netizens are sharing cute pictures of dogs and wishing everyone else a Happy International Dog Day!

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Through the viral post uploaded on Facebook, the traveller from Singapore complained about blood-stained bedsheets at the hotel room. It did not take much time for the Thai Hotel, Le Tada Parkview and Residence to respond. They accused her of lying and blacklisted her in return. Read the full story here.

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We have seen many bloopers that take place on live news channels. But recently a spider made a creepy appearance on BBC's News Channel Show. A video was shared online which shows a big spider crawling behind the screen of the guest on the show.

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A loss of an arm or a leg is, of course, a big disability for any human. But a certain video of a man dancing on one leg is very inspiring. Shared on Twitter, the source of the video is not known but it shows that one can be happy and enjoy their life if they choose to. 

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It is Monday once again. Finally, a new day, a new start a new week. Monday may be the most hated day of the week because it ends your weekend and gets you back to work or other institutions you might be associated with. But one must see the day as a new opportunity to make things right, and strive for your dreams. Social media never fails to motivate us in that case. With #MondayMotivation, #MondayFeelings, #MondayMood and #Monday thoughts trending on Twitter, people are sharing positive thoughts and feelings on the internet.

But like everything, even the internet is not all about good news, #AmazonFire continues to be all over the internet and since last evening Amazon forest fires pictures are going viral. The images show that the rainforest is devastated by 1,663 blazes and the pictures are heartbreaking.

In other updates, it is August 26 today. Every year on this day Women's Equality Day is celebrated in the US. The 19th amendment was finally certified on this day 46 years ago that adopted into the Constitution of United States granting women the right to vote. So posts under #WomensEqualityDay is maybe on the trending page today. In the arena of sports, #Ashes2019 continues to rule the trending page with regular updates.

Well, the bottom line is whatever will hit the trending page today will be taken up as first priority on this viral live blog. Our main aim is to catch all the trending updates across all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. and bring it to you first. Stay tuned.