An Airbus' recent festive A380 test flight over Hungary, made a Christmas Tree in the sky. The image of the drawing over the European country has gone viral.View Pic:

Christmas is almost here and people on Twitter are going crazy with the preparations. The social media platform is full of videos, pics and wishes, showing that Merry Christmas 2019 is ringing, already.Check Tweets:

The eight-day Jewish festival of lights; Hanukkah has begun. The first night of the festivity went amazing. People have taken to Twitter to share pics and videos of this year's Hanukkah moments.Check Tweets:

Teenager, Naseem Shah took half the Sri Lankan wickets in Karachi as Pakistan won the second Test by 263 runs.View Tweet:

Franklin Police Department shares an adorable video of a Golden Retriever 'stealing' donated toys and it is the most heart-melting thing you will see today!Watch Video:

Vicky Kaushal amongst other actors wins an award at the National Film Awards. Fans cannot keep calm!Check Tweet:

Kids are really self-less. This little girl received a banana as Christmas present but unlike the rest of us, she reacted excitedly and was grateful for the gift. Take a look at the heart-warming video:

A very funny has been shared online which shows a baby playing with a mannequin. While playing the head falls off and the baby's reaction is too funny! Watch the video here:

A reporter named Natalia Escudero was happiest on her job when she was covering lottery results. She found out that she has won the prize money and her reaction has been captured on video.Watch the video here:

December 23 marks the celebration of Kisan Diwas or National Farmers Day. On this day, people are sharing messages, images and quotes to appreciate the role of farmers.Check some tweets here:

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It's finally Monday and the internet users hope it was only a bad dream. People have taken to the social media sharing stories of their Monday blues and we completely agree. Some are also posting motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes on social media platforms with the hashtags #MondayThoughts and #MondayBlues. People are also sending each other morning wishes. As the day progresses we promise to keep you updated with everything happening on the internet. From Facebook posts, tweets, GIFs, viral videos, we promise to keep on top of the social media game.

December 23 also marks Festivus which is a secular holiday celebrated as an alternative to the commercialism of the Christmas season. The day also marks Kisan Diwas in India. Farmers' Day or National Farmer's Day on the birthday of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Choudhary Charan Singh, a farmer's leader, who introduced policies to improve the lives of the Indian farmers.

Most people around the world are in the festive mood as Christmas is approaching. The festive season evokes nostalgia among people during the week. People are busy packing their bags for homes and we are equally excited. After Christmas comes New Year and that calls for more celebrations. From clubbing, house parties to different programs, the end of year calls is a joyous time around the world. Meanwhile, we hope you have a great Monday and can get through the day without much blues. As the festive season approaches, we wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!