BTS army trends #DebutWithBTS on Twitter. Check tweet:

A video of some people playing garba from their balconies in a Delhi apartment has gone viral. Since Navratri is going on and India is observing a 21-day lockdown, people are not able to gather to play garba. However, this hasn't dimmed their spirit. They chose to play garba while maintaining social distancing. Watch viral video:

Wild mountain goats were spotted wandering freely through the deserted streets in North Wales town in UK in the recent days during COVID-19 lockdown. A Twitter user shared videos of the goats, spending their time on the the empty streets.Check Tweets:

The famous Pomeranian has grown up from being a teeny, tiny pupy into a handsome boy. BTS fans were treated with three back-to-back videos of V's dog Tannie, happily bouncing alongside his owner in the hall, and nibbling on his paw while listening to music. Twitterati cannot keep their calm.Check Videos:

International Transgender Day of Visibility is the day to raise awareness for the discrimination the community faces and also celebrate them and encourage to raise their voice so that their rights are heard. People have taken to Twitter to mark this day.Check Tweets:

A Colorado woman, Karen Evelth, trained her dog to deliver her neighbor's groceries so she wouldn't have to leave the house. The neighbour, Renee Hellman has COPD and other medical conditions that make her a prime target for the COVID-19 virus.Watch Video:

Baba Sehgal has shared a song clip on his Twitter account in which he describes the current lockdown situation. Well, unique to his own style, it is funny and you should listen to it.Watch the video here:

As most people around the world are in quarantine, people are bound to feel the blues. So to help them out, several people are sharing pics of their pets.Check some tweets below:

The Empire State Building was flashing lights like an ambulance as a tribute to first responders and medical workers battling COVID-19. Video of the same has been shared online. Watch the video here:

On this Tuesday morning, people are sharing positive thoughts, good morning messages and images with the trending hashtag #TuesdayThoughts.Check some tweets here:

We are in the final hours of March, 2020. What a month it was! Mostly, the entire month was all about coronavirus updates. Although, COVID-19 has significantly been on the internet ever since its outbreak in Wuhan in December, 2019, this month saw an instant spike. The spread forced many countries to go under lockdown. With people being in self-quarantine, the engagement on social media visibly increased. Every day, there is some hashtags, trends, videos, memes or challenges taking over the internet, with netizens being engaged like never before. For trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the today, March 31, keep a track on this space.

As it is the last day of March, there will undoubtedly be some satire memes on the internet, considering the ongoing situation. Like we said, several challenges, videos and other trends keep the netizens engaged in a time of self-isolation. It appears that they are using phones like never before. Boredom has also forced them from being creative. The active participation on social media to keep up the spirit is rightly seen while the world continues to fight with COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, people are also urging to cancel April Fools’ Day on April 1. The current global crisis has caused many rumours and fake news that created a panic on social media, and netizens feel this is not a good time to continue the pranking tradition on April 1, 2020.

For everything happening on the internet, we will keep you updated in this blog. Stay tuned with us to know what is the latest buzz captivating the netizens today.