A video of kids running away from The Grinch after it emerged out of the bushes during a photoshoot has gone viral on social media platforms. Joey and Gemma were in their cute Christmas outfits posing for pictures in front of a Christmas tree, when a Grinch frightened them.Watch The Video Below: 

An unusual friendship between a dog and giraffe in South Africa has gone viral on social media platforms. The canine befriended the baby giraffe after it was abandoned at birth.Watch The Video Below:

A couple got married 34,000 feet in the air on a Jetstar flight as they are in love with aviation.  Australia David Valliant and his Kiwi wife Cathy married surrounded by family, friends and strangers on Jetstar flight JQ201 as it travelled between their home countries.Check Out The Pictures Below:

As the political drama in Maharashtra continued, people were surprised when the news on Saturday morning said that Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar will be taking oath as chief minister and deputy chief minister respectively. However, the morning newspapers (obviously printed overnight) said that Uddhav Thackeray would be the CM. Meanwhile, people took to Twitter sharing funny memes and hilarious jokes on the high political drama in the state. Read the entire story here.Check Out The Tweet Below:

The War Between Electronic And Print Media:

Moving the fingers extremely fast, this young girl created an optical illusion. It appears as if the palm of a person's hand is passing through the other. The video is trippy AF and sure to blow your mind. Try the trick!Watch Viral Video:

The political drama in Maharashtra reached new heights on Saturday morning when news of Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar taking oath as chief minister and deputy chief minister of Maharashtra took place. NCP's Ajit Pawar supporting BJP and taking oath with Devendra Fadnavis took the world of Twitter by storm. Various memes were created and political jibes uploaded on the Shiv Sena and Congress. Read the full story hereCheck Tweets:

A picture of a grandfather having his last beer with his sons has gone viral on social. Grandson Adam Schemm who lives in Wisconsin shared a picture of his grandfather spending his final night with his sons. The viral pic has left the internet with heavy heart.View Pic:

This is the most adorable video that you might have seen recently. The kitty does not need a pillow as she has got a fluffy friend. The 1-month-old kitten, named Strawberry adjusting itself inside the husky Polar Bear's fur for a comfy nap. The video is from Washington and internet is in love with the cutest bond.Watch Viral Video:

Acclaimed and horror/ comedy artist, Gahan Wilson passed away at the age of 89. He was known for his macabre style and dark sense of comedy. As the renowned cartoonist passed away, Wilson's fans took to Twitter mourning his demise.RIP Wilson:

Shot in the Kolkata metro, the picture captured a beautiful moment of an elderly couple. The woman can be seen putting a muffler around her husband's neck as they occupied the corner seat in the metro. The viral pic has surely melted many hearts on the internet.See Pic:

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