Triangle Dance Is the Latest Internet Challenge to Grip Social Media (Watch Videos)
Triangle dance (Photo Credits: @AdamskiJonDicky, @amychandley1985 Twitter)

Social media will never fall short of things to keep themselves entertained and the newest internet challenge is proof. 'Triangle dance' involving three people is the latest internet challenge to grip social media users. For this challenge, three individuals stand in a circle holding each others shoulder, jumping sideways at the same time. We are not sure where the social media challenge originated, but there is no risk to anyone involved and looks like a simple physical activity that increases team bonding.

And it is not just adults who are attempting this challenge, children are equally happily jumping around. And videos of children attempting the triangle dance in schools are also being widely shared on social media. Sharing a video of attempting the dance challenge, a Twitter user writes, "Combining teamwork, cardio, and crossing the midline, and incredible FUN! This dance has it all! Makes an awesome instant activity!" Forget Kiki and Momo Challenge, Here are 5 Positive Social Media Challenges You Should Actually Take Up.

Check out children doing the 'Triangle dance' here:

At the gym

When you have the best office buddies

While internet challenges are known for being dangerous or the risk involved, this one looks like a fun session that anybody can attempt.

The challenge has become so popular that people are actually using it as a warm-up session before gym or dance classes. It is being shared on Twitter with the hashtag #triangledance. Triangle dance comes after koala challenge which went viral on social media last month. The challenge involving two people originated in Australia where one person crawls on another as if they were a koala and other a tree. Have you attempted the 'Triangle Dance' yet? Do let us know in the comments section below.