West Bengal Groom Arrives at His Wedding on a Road-Roller Surprising Guests (Watch Video)
Bengali groom (Photo Credits: Dipsuvra Ali Facebook)

A groom in West Bengal arrived at his wedding on a road roller! Arka Patra from Krishnanagar city in Nadia district surprised guests when he reached his marriage hall in the big vehicle. Videos of the 30-year-old's grand entry at his baraat have now gone viral on social media platforms. Patra said that his wife Arundhuti Tarafdar also liked the unique idea and had agreed to it when they discussed it a few days ago. While Indian bridegrooms traditionally ride on a horse to arrive at the wedding venue, this man chose a road roller.

Patra sat on the fully decked road roller as it made way through narrow lanes. From lights to coloured paper,  flowers, bouquets, red shawls, the vehicle was completely decorated. His friends who were quite excited by Patra's entry recorded the video and shared it on social media from where it went viral.  Earlier, video of a Bengali bride resisting to traditional rituals at her wedding saying that one can repay parents' debts was shared widely on social media.

Watch the video here:

PTI quoted Patra as saying, "I wanted to make my wedding ceremony memorable and unique. I could take a vintage car, but that would not be new. I have also heard someone went to marry in an earth mover. But, I did not know of anyone going to marry in a road roller, so I decided on it."

Patra also ditched loudspeaker at the wedding as he wanted to be environmentally friendly and have something different at his marriage ceremony. He said, "I have decided that no loudspeaker will play at the reception, which is the usual norm on such occasions. Instead, a person will play the flute, moving around the venue."