Woman Turns Her Wireless Apple AirPods Into Earrings So They Don't Get Lost! (Watch Video)
Apple AirPods (Photo Credits: @bloodorgy Twitter)

Jokes on Apple's AirPods began the day it was launched. Apple users have been trying their best to save their wireless earphones from falling off their ears ever since. While various methods have gone viral on social media in the past, the latest one will blow your mind. It is not just a helpful way to not loose AirPods but hilarious too! And maybe you also want to try it with your Apple earphones.

According to BuzzFeed News, 22-year-old paralegal Gabrielle Reilly from Virginia attached her AirPods to earring strings so that they don't get lost. Video of her in wearing the 'new earrings' going viral on social media shows the AirPods hanging from her ears on a string. Gabrielle then shows how it can be easily bent to be used as earphones. 16-Year-Old Malaysian Boy Dies While Sleeping With Headphones On, Gets Electrocuted When Phone Was Charging.

According to the report, she created the pods into earrings as she was worried about her cats chewing it up. She tweeted the video of new 'Airings' with the caption: 'I made airpod earrings lmaoooo i didnt want to post this till i had better pics but whatever here it is.' The video was quick to go viral on social media with Twitterati praising her innovation. And now, the music lover is selling the 'Airings' on Shopify for USD 20 a pair. She customises it depending on what colour, size, material and length you require.

Watch the video below:

Gabrielle was quoted as saying, "I have had tweets run high stats but nothing like this. It’s not even a good quality video haha. But it’s a fun and interesting experience. I appreciate all the support I’m getting for it. AirPods have become a meme, so for most people, I feel like the earrings are a joke. And they kind of are to me. But, a functional joke."