World's Most Beautiful Bird Mandarin Duck Graces New York City's Central Park (See Pictures)
Mandarin duck (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

New York City's popular Central Park had an unusual visitor surprising people on October 31. A male Mandarin duck drew hundreds of bird enthusiasts to the park. Mandarin ducks are known for their multicolour feathers and are considered the world's most beautiful bird. With the bird's appearance gaining headlines, Manhattan's popular park is flooded by visitors.

The bird is native to East Asia and birdwatchers couldn't believe their luck when they saw one in Central Park. They are generally found in China and Japan. A Mandarin duck was also spotted several times in Burnaby over the past six months. It was seen multiple times last week in Vancouver's Burnaby Lake in Canada. Some reports also stated that some spotted the bird in Lost Lagoon, Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Mandarins are often subject of artworks, mainly paintings. The birds prefer small wooded ponds and not large water bodies. They can fly through trees and female ducks lay her eggs in tree trunks. Birds Are High! Drunk ‘Tweeties’ in Minnesota Are Flying Into the Car’s Windows.

Here is the Mandarin duck spotted at Central Park:

Watch the video here:

Many Twitter users have shared pictures of the bird they clicked at NYC on Twitter. Photos of the bird have gone viral on the internet with excited Twitterati uploading them. According to Living with Birds, Mandarin is a close relative of the North American wood duck. While the one spotted in Central Park is a male duck, female mandarins do not quack. They only make a series of clucking calls when they see a danger.