Yellow Python Kisses a Little Girl and Cuddles Her, Scary Video Goes Viral!
Python plays with little girl (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

The utterance of snakes does not really have any pleasant thoughts among people. These slithering reptiles often trigger fear among many. Not all snakes are dangerous but many people are creeped out by them. However, a video of a playful snake, that too a python has been shared online and it may cause extreme discomfort if you absolutely don't like snakes. The video is of a yellow python playing with a little girl, actually giving her a kiss on the forehead and then cuddling over the little one. It is going viral on social media and people have some serious thoughts about the safety of having snakes as pets. Ssscary Kiss! Brisbane Woman Wakes up To Find a Python Hissing Right Next to Her.

There are several people around the world who have kept snakes as pets but it is a dangerous idea. In the video, there is a giant yellow python slithering in the house and a little girl playing around. At one point, the snake crawls over the little one and she giggles, probably feeling tickled by the giant reptile. The video has got over four million views. Snakes on The Loose! 5 Times Slithering Reptiles Gave People The Fright of Their Lives (Watch Video).

Watch The Video of Python Playing With Little Girl:

Creepy right? People on social media expressed concern about the safety of the little girl.

How is All This So Calm!

Snake is a Snake, Even if a Pet


The snake is clearly a pet but the size and the way it slithers along is quite creepy. The time it heads near the little one, you almost feel like it will bite her. Although pythons are not venomous, they are known to squeeze their prey and kill them.