Coronavirus Outbreak: BCCI Outlines Friendly Guide on How to Battle COVID-19 Using Series of Images (See Post)
BCCI Posts Friendly Guideline to Battle Coronavirus (Photo Credits: Twitter/@BCCI)

With the country going under a 21-day lockdown, the Cricket board of India (BCCI) outlined a long list for its fans to battle the coronavirus. “How to battle Coronavirus - A friendly Guide,” the official Twitter account of India’s apex cricket board captioned the post. In a series of images, the BCCI attempted into guiding its fans on how to fight coronavirus. In its list, the cricket board outlined mainly the dos and don’ts while in quarantine. Over 600 people have been confirmed to have been diagnosed with COVID19, 16 of whom have died. With the situation escalating in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday declared a 21-Day complete lockdown of the country. List of Sports Personalities Who Have Contributed Towards Coronavirus Relief Fund.

From asking the fans to stay indoors to advising them on washing hands, BCCI enlisted everything fans must do to protect themselves and stay away from being contracted with the disease. Showing its creative side, the twitter account laid out every guideline with a relatable image, which worked as a reference.

How to Battle Coronavirus - A friendly Guide From BCCI

Meanwhile, over 21, 000 people have died worldwide due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 while over 4 lakh people have been infected with the disease resulting in most countries declaring lockdowns to curb and combat the pandemic. Spain, Italy and China, where the virus originated, have been the worst-hit areas with over 15, 000 people have died already.