Shikhar Dhawan Shares Motivational Video for Young Budding Cricketers, ‘Don’t Let Lockdown Get You Down, Keep Practising’, Says Indian Batsman
Shikhar Dhawan Shadow-Practices Batting (Photo Credits: Instagram/@Shikhardofficial)

With live cricket and other sporting events taking a back seat due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, sportspersons, and cricketers, in particular, have taken to social media to engage with the fans and keep themselves busy. Among those sportspersons, Shikhar Dhawan has been uploading some funny videos on his Instagram to entertain the fans amid the nationwide lockdown. But on Saturday, Dhawan came up with a new idea and put up a motivational video for young and budding cricketers urging them to not lose hope but keep practising even when in self-isolation and quarantine. Practising regularly will help you avoid a muscle strain and also help your mind keep the shot memory and be ready when you return to the cricket field. Shikhar Dhawan and Wife Ayesha Recreate Famous Bollywood Song 'Dhal Gaya Din' from 1970 Movie Humjoli During Self-Quarantine.

“I hope you make good utilization of this time,” said Dhawan in his post. In the motivational video, Dhawan shadow-practises a few of his shots like the straight-drive, cut as well the pull shot and urged young cricketers to keep practising.

Shikhar Dhawan's Motivational Video for Budding Cricketers


“Don't let the lockdown get you down. I want to remind all the young aspiring cricketers to stay home, stay safe and stay in touch with the game! Dhawan captioned his post. “It is important to shadow practice so that the body movement is regularised,” Dhawan said in the video. “Whatever shot you like playing, practice it regularly.”

Meanwhile, 75 people have died while close to 3000 people have been confirmed to have contracted the COVID-19 virus in India. The nation is on the 11th day of a 21-day complete lockdown, which was enforced by the government to curb and contain the spread of the pandemic.