Fighting On Ice Trailer: Gautam Gambhir Reveals The Tug Of War Between Passion and Struggle In This VIDEO!
Gautam Gambhir In 'Fighting On Ice' (Image Credit: File Image)

Sports is one of the most discussed topics in the Indian subcontinent. But unfortunately, when you utter the word sports, it generally refers to cricket alone, which is almost a religion in this part of the world. While efforts have been made to support and promote other forms of the sporting events but almost always it all boils down to cricket and the various forms in which it is played. The IPL, the CCI, the test matches, one-day internationals, and the bandwidth simply widens!

The documentary Fighting on Ice is not an ordinary feature revolving around sports. Fighting on Ice is not an ordinary feature documentary - it's hard-hitting and real - revealing the true fight between passion and struggle. It follows the life of the team, the association and innumerable elements It brings forth.

This documentary also highlights the appetite that sportsmen, men and women, have for Ice Hockey which goes beyond money and fame. It speaks volumes about the rare sport people play and also kindles the passion to keep the interest in this 'Fight On Ice' alive. The documentary also features Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir and India's winter sports hero Shiva Keshavan.

The film has made its mark in the international circuit with thumping approval from both the audience and critics alike. It won the Best Documentary at the Eurasia International monthly film festival. It has been officially selected at Amsterdam international Filmmaker Festival, Auckland International film festival, and Rome Independent Prisma Awards.