Rafael Nadal is hailed in the tennis world as the ‘king of clay’ and during the French Open 2020, the Spaniard is sporting accessories which fit the title. Taking to the court of Ronald Garros, the Tennis legend was seen wearing the ‘most expensive watch ever worn on a tennis court’. The 34-year-old wore a brand new customised watch from his sponsors Richard Millie worth £780k. Cristiano Ronaldo Flaunts Rolex GMT-Master Ice, Half a Million Dollar Luxury Watch! View Pic.

The luxury watch has ‘RAFA’ embedded on the side and has a black case and face with an orange dial and light blue strap. The layout of the watch matches the current World No. 2’s outfit at the ongoing French Open 2020. The watch also consists of a steel wire that criss-crosses across the face 38 times to create the effect of a tennis racket's string pattern.

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The luxury watch of Rafael Nadal is the first time a tennis player has worn a timepiece on the court which has exceeded $1million milestone. The Swiss designers have only made 50 of the exclusive watch which marks the tenth anniversary of their partnership with the Spaniard, appropriately naming it the RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal. The timepiece is understood to withstand up to more than 12,000Gs of force.

Speaking of French Open 2020, Rafael Nadal has made easy work of his opponents so far in the Grand Slam. The 34-year-old defeated E. Gerasimov, M. McDonald and S. Travagila in the opening three rounds respectively and will face American Sebastian Kodra ion the fourth round.

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