Amazon's Alexa Echo Malfunctions in Europe Due to Overusage on Christmas
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: Amazon)

The voice-controlled virtual assistant of Amazon Echo users, Alexa, malfunctioned on Christmas Day due to over usage. Due to an overload of questions on the server controlling Alexa, the commands issued by users could not be processed. A crashed Alexa couple only respond saying, "Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now."

The malfunction was reported by Amazon users across Europe, gadget observers have confirmed, adding that it lasted for nearly two hours. Since it was Christmas, many of the users were left disappointed as their voice-controlled-assistance was not available to turn-on/off the lights, play music, check weather or perform other such tasks. Amazon Alexa Advices to 'Kill Your Foster Parents' and It Is Not a Technical Glitch This Time!

"Good day for Amazon’s Alexa to crash. It’s not like people might want to register new devices or play music or anything," said one of the disgruntled users, Richard Hayley on Twitter.

Another social media user, Henry David, said the digital butler crashed at around 10am GMT. Nearly a couple of hours later, Amazon's customer care service apologised for the faux pas and informed that the technical glitch has been resolved.

Alexa stoked a similar controversy last year after she told a user to go and "kill your foster parents". While Amazon apologised for the creepy error, it found that the criminal directive was picked upon by the virtual assistant from a social media site known for its harsh content.