Mumbai, July 6: Apple Watch played a crucial role in saving a woman's life who fell ill on an Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco as a doctor used the smartwatch to diagnose her. The medical emergency unfolded when a 56-year-old woman fell ill, experiencing dizziness and repeated vomiting. Fortunately, Dr Gigy V. Kuruttukulam, the medical director at Kerala’s Rajagiri Hospital, was on board and came to her aid.

According to a report published by The Hindu, after presenting his ID card to flight officials, Dr Kuruttukulam examined the woman using her Apple Watch to monitor her heartbeat and oxygen saturation levels. He also conducted an electrocardiogram test with the smartwatch. Discovering that her oxygen saturation was low and her blood pressure was elevated, he administered necessary injections from the flight’s medical kit. Apple Watch Saves Life of Delhi Woman by Alerting Abnormal Heart Rhythm.

Woman Falls Ill on Flight, Doctor Uses Apple Watch to Aid Her

Dr Kuruttukulam’s prompt action not only stabilised the woman but also prevented a potential flight diversion. The captain, initially considering an emergency landing, was reassured by Dr Kuruttukulam that the woman could continue the journey, ultimately reducing the flight’s arrival time in San Francisco by 15 minutes. Apple Watch Saves Life in US: New York Bicyclist Meets Horrific Crash, Here's How Apple Smartwatch Saved His Life.

Upon landing, a medical team was ready to transport the woman to a hospital, where she was admitted to the ICU and is now recovering. Dr Kuruttukulam emphasized the importance of doctors carrying their ID cards on flights, as they are required to verify their identity before administering any medical treatment.

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